What is our offering?

Virtual Radiography TM simulators can be downloaded and installed on standard, modern computers (running windows operating systems). The simulations are interactive, challenging students to make decisions.

What is it used for?

The simulations facilitate learning. They form a basis on which to teach radiographic skills. The accompanying workbooks provide lesson plans that have fully articulated learning outcomes and activities. Over 23 hours of labs are detailed for colleagues to adapt or appropriate as they require.

How do I use it?

The simulations can be displayed by lecturers as an adjunct to traditional power-point presentations - thus bringing the subject to life. They can also be provided to students as a stand-alone resource, perhaps installed in a library. They are often used alongside traditional x-ray lab sessions, to provide activities for the group that are not engaged in lab-work. Other centres use the simulations in a multi-seat computer lab, where student activities are facilitated by lecturers or clinical staff who can mentor students while they work through activities at their own pace.

Are there any other benefits?

Students log-in to the simulations using unique ID's. This allows faculty to track student learning in a number of ways. Time on task can be recorded (who is using the product, when, how long, how many exposures were made, etc.). The images produced by each student can be reviewed and checked for adequacy. Both these benefits depend to some extent on the installed infrastructure. The simulation will interface with existing PACS systems - contact us for details.

User Guides and free lesson plans

Students and Faculty can download free resources to help them implement simulation sessions. The user guides show how the interfaces work. The workbooks contain tried and tested lessons, with specific learning outcomes and activities. These resources help customers to benefit from years of experience and student feedback, right from day one.

User Guides: