Radiography training using 3D interactive simulation.

Cost effective simulation training for radiographic equipment handling, receptor placement, collimation, side marker placement, exposure factor selection, control of scatter, and image quality assessment.

For students in diagnostic radiography aiming to: practice their procedural steps, understand the science behind practice, and generate unique radiographic images that give instant feedback.


Gain individual feedback from repeated practice


The class is the right place for students to learn from mistakes made, not the hospital! Every projection exposed is a learning opportunity, with instant generation of a unique digital radiograph.

Students are schooled in radiographic critique and can see the consequences of their actions and corrections. From additional angulation, changes of KV or mAs, additional collimation or alteration of centring point.

Activate discovery learning styles


Empowering students to actively seek out good practice in a simulated environment is fun for students and faculty. Set students challenges or allow them to work through procedures using a methodical step by step approach.

Radiography lectures are enlivened by use of the simulation as a tool to demonstrate scientific or positioning concepts to large groups of students.

An x-ray room for every student


Supplied as a self-contained software package, ready to install and use. Many radiographer trainers have commented how easy the interface is to learn. Provide multiple simulated rooms for a fraction of the cost of additional physical x-ray resources.

Better prepared students


Pre-clinical students show confidence gains, and enhanced integration of theory and practice. This leads to accelerated learning in practice, with competencies being achieved earlier.

More advanced students value the ability to practice examinations they rarely come across during clinical placement, e.g. skull.